If you are a busy woman who wants a wardrobe that easily helps you look confident in front of co-workers and chic when you go out with friends and family, then you've come to the right place!


My Sort, Shop, & Style is the most popular service designed to show you how to dress like an expert and stay within your budget. We will get creative with things you love but are not sure what to do with and, along the way, introduce new pieces. I will ensure you are, literally, "dressed for success"!


Polished looks for the office, networking events, weekend errands and special events with friends and family.

Foundational  pieces that will seamlessly mix-and-match with new and old favorites.



Shoes and accessories that aren't cumbersome or feel like a torture device.


 It starts with a two hour relaxing in-home consultation where I will get to know you and access your current wardrobe. You will have an opportunity to show me your daily routine and some of your favorite and not so favorite pieces.


Working together, we will decide: what to keep, what to alter, what to donate and what to acquire​. 



Now the fun begins! Next, I will go out and "pre-shop" for you, based on your budget and needs we identified together. All you have to do is simply whisk yourself into a dressing room filled with terrific finds.


No more walking for hours around a store in a daze wondering what to pick up and try!


Here is where everything comes together! Following your shopping trip, I will come back to your home for two hours and blend your new wardrobe items with your old favorites and show you how to accessorize each look with panche!


Digital photos will help you remember the new looks and make getting dressed each morning a joy! Also, you will have unlimited access to me via email, text, or phone for two weeks regarding any styling dilemmas you may have!


Each consultation is held on a different day so that you can recharge and get the most out of each service.

                    Sort, Shop & Style


                                   price does not include cost of items purchased