You Have a Romantic Clothing Personality!

Your Romantic Clothing Personality/fashion persona conveys your adoration for everything soft and pretty. 














You value femininity and may be a hopeless romantic. Ruffles, lace, pleats, those are just a few of the whimsy, feminine details that tend to catch your attention when you're in a store. You like to wear soft colors and often choose fabrics like chiffon and silk that drape graciously on your body. You might also wear dark colors such as burgundy red or black but wear them sparingly (ie. a dress in this color) to convey an alluring appeal. The lines of your clothes are rounded, often with a lot of draping. You're into delicate jewelry consisting of cute charms. You appreciate jewelry such as heirlooms that has a story behind it. 


 Note: Many women who have a Romantic clothing personality usually have a friendly face, soft and rounded features (soft cheeks, Pear or Hourglass body shape), and prefer their hair wavy or curly.


Styles of a Romantic Fashion Persona

Because of the floral and loose drapes and whimsical details, this clothing style overlaps with Creative. Also, a fashion style common among a lot of women is Romantic mixed with Classic - giving the best of two worlds of femininity and class; softening on the mature look of a tailored business-like outfit. Someone with a Romantic fashion persona often has an interest in lady-like 20s-50s vintage fashion. You'll also find an alluring version of a Romantic fashion persona which leans a bit on Dramatic. An Alluring Romantic often plays up their curves and appear sensual and seductive. 

Style Tips for a Romantic Clothing Personality

Ruffle skirts, A-line skirt and dresses, floral print clothes, lace tops, crocheted tops, cameos and antique jewelry, silk scarves, flower headbands and brooches, charm jewelry. 



How to Improve Your Style/Word of Warning:

In some situations, especially business and work-related - people might not take you seriously. Also, you most likely have the curves to fill out any form-fitting outfit - but you need to keep your choices tasteful and appropriate or else you might come off looking a little tarty.

You might want to experiment combining clean, sophisticated lines with your love for frilly, soft details. I think this is a great combination that helps portray a mature, dependable image appropriate and ideal for work. Try adding a bit of high fashion to your style - it could be a wide belt or layers of charm bracelets.