You Have a    Dramatic Clothing Personality!

Your Dramatic Clothing Personality/fashion persona often intimidate and intrigues. You can appear sensual and seductive; or sophisticated but striking. 

You're confident and like to show some authority in the way you dress. There are 2 general Dramatic styles of this fashion persona, which are: 

  • (1) Confident & Sophisticated

  • and (2) Glamorous & Alluring (overlaps with Trendy)

Both personalities are different in some aspects but they share a look that appears bold and demanding. You may favor making a strong fashion statement by either accentuating your sensuality (Glamorous & Alluring); or your strikingly sophisticated persona (Confident & Sophisticated). 
You like adding "drama" to your look. And you you tend to select bold clothes – either highly structured or body-hugging/skin revealing. You like statement accessories A Dramatic fashion style often reflects your direct, headstrong and authority-like persona. But you may have an alluring Dramatic style because it conveys your confidence in your skin, showing your sexual openness. and often high contrast colors.  



















Styles of Dramatic Fashion Persona

Another 'branch' from this style is the socialite who loves to dress a bit glamorous but polished and like to convey a sense of status, like a couture Chanel bag (think Classy with a pinch of elegant drama). Dramatic clothing personality overlaps with Trendy and Classic. 

 Note: You'll notice that women who have a Dramatic clothing personality (and look good) usually carry characteristics like angular bone structure, exotic face (high cheekbones, angular jawline, defined/prominent nose, etc.), deep, vivid coloring (dark hair) and most often a tall figure (5'7 and up). For the sensual Dramatic fashion persona, a curvy Hourglass or Pear body shape often comes with it.


Style Tips for a Dramatic Clothing Personality

Accentuate Your Style With (closet essentials):

Bold jewelry such as bracelets cuffs and bangles, large gemstone bead necklace and jewelry, and other accessories with angular shapes (think Art Deco), tops and jackets with prominent shoulders. Wide belts and leopard prints. Red-colored statement accessories such as red clutch bag or a pair of statement fashion pumps. 


How to Improve Your Style/Word of Warning:

This advice is for both the (1) Confident & Sophisticated; and (2) Glamorous & Alluring: With your fashion forwardness you'll risk going 'over-the-top' with details such as dramatic/high impact colors and fierce statement accessories.

If this is not your goal (you don't want to intimidate people on certain occasions/settings) then you might want to tone it down a little. Add more basics or softer details. Settle down with only one bold focal at a time in your outfit and let it 'breathe'.

If you're fashion persona is (2) Glamorous & Alluring, then you might want to work on keeping a tasteful balance between your neckline and hemline: Low(er) neckline + Long(er) hemline; or high(er) neckline + Short(er) hemline.