You Have a Creative Clothing Personality!

A Creative Clothing Personality/fashion persona radiates your laid-back and independent character. 














Your style showcases creativity and your preference to unconventional fashion. The way you dress appear bold and innovative. For you, fashion is about how you feel and what you like, which can create "clashes" in your outfits. But in this case, this is often overshadowed by your confidence :-) You like to combine different styles in one, and often use unusual prints and color combinations (ie. high impact combos such as electric blue with hot pink). You love creating a strong fashion statement.  



You probably have an individualistic, creative and unconventional lifestyle. If not then you dream of achieving it some day. Your style indefinable but it suits you and makes you feel confident. The fact that you like to blend different contrasting styles in one, indicates that you don't care about what other people think about you. 

Styles of a Creative Fashion Persona
Because of the nature of this fashion persona, it represents various flavors such as a distinct Bohemian (wide leg pants, retro prints, ethnic-inspired details, etc.), quirky & kitschy cool and Mod (heavily inspired by vintage 50's-60s). A Creative Clothing Personality overlaps with Trendy and Romantic, A hint of Drama is most often present in your style because of its bold flair. It's a little bit of everything! Your style may also be referred to Indie ("independent") or "hipster". 

Accentuate Your Style With (closet essentials):
Printed shoes, printed bags, printed clothing, quirky detailing, vintage-inspired accessories, bold colored footwear, oxford shoes, layers of jewelry, graphic t-shirts, hats, leopard-anything. 


How to Improve Your Style/Word of Warning:
If you're petite you may need to cut down on the layers and details because they can swallow you and make you look shorter/smaller. Rather balance it out more with basic garments to achieve a chic look. But a pair of heels will most often fix this issue.

Similar to the fashion tips I gave to the Trendy fashionista - fashion is a self-expressive art form, and there's nothing wrong dressing eclectic and bold. However, confidence is everything if you want to pull it off. You either look good with it or not. So I think it's important to make sure that you're comfortable with your eclectic clothing choices (which boils down to really assessing your personal style)

As an image consultant who focuses on classic fashion - I would encourage you to balance out your outfit with solids and clean lines.